Results of competitions
About the Competition
CTF (Capture the flag) - a well-known and recognized worldwide format of the competitions allowing to assess the skills and abilities of participants to attack and protect computer systems. The world learned about CTF competitions more than twenty years ago. For the first time CTF competitions were held at the DEF CON conference in Las Vegas in the early nineties. DEF CON CTF is considered the most authoritative and famous computer security competitions in the world. Competitions held in the CTF format in Azerbaijan will create prerequisites for the participation of Azerbaijani specialists in similar events that rightly gather the strongest teams in the world.
Capture The Flag
Competitions of specialists in the field of computer and information security.
Goals of the competition?
  • Assessment and development of practical skills and knowledge among specialists in the field of information security.
  • Forming a community of specialists in the field of information security.
Format of the competition?
The competition is held in task-based (or jeopardy) format - players are given a set of tasks to which you should find answer and send it. The answer is a flag: it can be a set of characters or an arbitrary phrase. The team receives a certain number of points for a correctly performed task. The more difficult the task, the more points will rely on the correct answer..
What tasks will be given at the competition?
  • Web (exploitation of vulnerabilities in web applications)
  • Crypto (cryptography)
  • Pwn (exploitation of vulnerabilities in binary applications)
  • Reverse engineering
  • Misc (other tasks)
In what format should the answers to the competition tasks be published?
The answer format is the following CTFAZ{YOUR ANSWER}
Who can participate?
All interested specialists in the field of information security may participate. Each participant should be registered in one of the teams.
Registration in the competition is available only from the territory of Azerbaijan.
Stages of the competition?
1. Stage

Registration of the participant and the team (available prior to the competition):

  • Those wishing to participate at the competition should pass registration on the competition arena . While registering, you should provide contact information and e-mail.
  • Upon registration, the participant will receive a letter on confirmation of authorization.
  • Upon confirming the account, the participant should create or join the team. The first participant who created the team will be the team captain. In the future, it is impossible to change the captain of the team.
  • Any participant can send an invitation (hash) to another member to join his team. At any time, you can leave the team and join another. At the same time, you can only be a member of one team
2. Stage

Beginning of the competition (December 9)

To start the performance of the tasks during the competition (get a notification on mail about the beginning of the competition)

3. Stage

Final of the competition (December 16)

All participants of the competition are invited. If you became a winner, take part in the award ceremony.The awarding ceremony will be held on December 16 at the Holiday Inn Baku, at 12:00
      Who is the captain? What features does this role have?
      In terms of online registration system, it is a user created the team. That is, a registrar. In terms of conducting competitions and the real world, this is PoC (primary point of contact), as well as a person who performs organizational functions on behalf of the team - questions to the organizers, participation in the award ceremony, etc.
      How many people should be in the team?
      The minimum is one. The maximum number of participants in the team is 5 people. If you are still more, it is better to divide into two teams.
      How to use a hash to join the team?
      1. Register on the site.
      2. Log in.
      3. Open the link with the hash and click the Join button in response to the question on joining the team.
      What is prohibited for the participants of the competition?
      Any attempts at hacking, DDoS attacks, etc. are prohibited. It is forbidden to exchange answers with other contestants. If such attempts are made by the participants, the guilty will be deprived of the opportunity to participate in the competition.
      How are the winners are determined and how many should they be?
      The winners are the first three teams that scored the most points during the competition. The ranking of the leaders is displayed online. Those who took the first three places are announced at the final awards ceremony.
      What the benefit of the competition?
      First, each participant will receive invaluable experience and the opportunity to participate in the project on information security.

      Second, the direction of further development. You get an idea of what areas you need to get knowledge, and in which you do not have enough experience.

      Third, if your team wins, you will receive a cup of the winner of the competition and useful gifts from the organizers and partners of CTF.

      Finally, you will get to know many specialists and find like-minded people
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